Colonization of Space

Alpha Version 2.1


Alpha 2.1

The latest official version at this time.
All the details of the latest version you can
find on the official project page on the Patrion.
Ideas and suggestions we are waiting for in
the comments to this update.


About The Game

We'd like to thank you for your attention to our project! It means a lot to us!

Our game is not going to be paid for. There will be no clear payment, as well as implicit one. This game will exist and develop due to support of our patrons. Perhaps, you too will decide to become one of them and to support this project.

At this stage, this is an alpha-version of the game and it may contain some faults and bugs. Please, treat this fact with understanding, we are spending all our free time on the game and are trying to make it better. We will correct all faults over time.

Besides, more animation, sounds and new functions will be added over time. However, it takes time. In addition, we don't have staff who work day and night. As you remember, it is not a commercial project...

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask it on this website or on the page of our project.