In Motion

Let me start this section a slight poster.

Today, I had to travel a lot around the city by visiting government offices. Me is killing this philanderer paperwork and bureaucratic delays. But there is no choice, if you do not come to the official, it will come to you. And I think that the second worse than the first)

I love writing, it's the center of my life. If you don't love what you do, you'd better find something else to love. Otherwise, you don't have a reason for living.
Ray Bradbury

I knew that I will have a lot of free time and I took a tablet for drawing... I'm not mistaken) According to this day is today has passed with doubled benefit. I did everything I needed that wanted a plus painted picture... Maybe the main heroine was the secretary of one of the organizations where I have been... I do not know ;)

Have a nice day! See you!