Engineering department - this is a central place, where you can manage building of all your objects. Increasing the level of the object on the object occurs.

Embassies - Representation of of large solar systems. With the study of outer space and discovery of new races, be opened new offices.

Private apartments - Your personal space. Provides the ability invite your helpers to visit. The apartments also living your servant.

Residential sector - place for living of colonists, classified for reproduction.

Reproduction area - place where all necessary conditions are provided to interbreed different kinds of creatures aimed at receiving future generations.

Distribution area - place where youngs are born and grow. Upon their reaching the age of majority, they are assigned to a particular class which identifies their field of activity in the colony.

Market - concentration of trade in the colony. Market allows tradingin colony resources with the outside world.

Club - resting place of your colonists. Moreover, the club is a good source of extra income.

Bank - Orion commercial corporation Bank allows to take necessary low interest rates credits and to invest your own money in stock exchange.

Observatory - exploration of space for the presence of inhabited worlds in the universe.

Shipyard - shipbuilding facility producing and keeping in its docks spaceships for voyages, expeditions and intelligence operations.

Quarantine - area, where representatives of new kind will be brought for further examination in case of discovery by the expedition of new life forms.

Mines - mining of minerals necessary for building and trade

Hothouses - production of colony foodstuffs


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