Version History

Version 1.3.2

In continuation of the previous version, this version is dedicated to the visual part of the game. I changed the prehistory and initial training in the game. Also introduced visual changes in the player's profile, and in the distribution area. And I found it necessary to change the appearance of the NPC.

  1. Improved training system at the start of a new game
  2. Several sex scenes at the end of training.
  3. Player profile
    • Changed the visual part of the profile
    • We have a basic body of the player
  4. Allocation zone
    • Changed the structure of settlers choice.
    • Changes look of Jane
  5. Fixing bugs
    • Fixed bug with entering the game.
    • Some amendments to the breeding structure.
    • Other minor improvements.

Version 1.3.1

This version contains more technical part. The main focus is on the system alerts the players. Added a new location, "Hall of Fame". The player, who visited the "Hall of Fame" will receive the blessing of the statue of the great patrons.

  1. Messaging System
  2. Hall of Fame
    • Hall of prominent patrons of the "creators" of the group
    • Statues patrons blessings upon you every day. for that you should touch them
  3. Pregnancy
    • Increased likelihood of pregnancy
    • Added new logic
  4. Faster loading games
  5. Fixing bugs
    • Fixed minor bugs in the code. The analysis of the file structure and made changes.

Version 1.2

We have achieved the desired result in reproduction. To do this, we had to replace a lot of the game files and come up with a new structure. Note the version of the game. I had to divide the public version and the version for patrons. The database has remained the same and you do not need to register again in the game.

  1. Breeding
    • Added two endings intercourse
  2. Pregnancy
    • Female goes through several stages of pregnancy and may be involved in reproduction until the last stage
  3. New colonists
    • After birth, colonist goes through several stages of growing up
  4. Maturity
    • For assigning of the working class colonist, you will need to to wait for him maturing
  5. Coition
    • Been added control of breeding process
  6. Food
    • Now the colonists consume resources obtained on the farm If you do not have enough resources colonists refuse to copulate
  7. Names of colonists
    • Now generated names. You can change them in the distribution area of the appointment of the colonist class
  8. Bugs
    • Fixes some bugs of the game, fixed mines and farms, game load faster
  9. New
    • Amended game structure, new features added

Version 1.1

This update I have devoted the technical side of the game. We paid attention to the work with time of day, resource extraction and error correction. Displays the time of day is not over yet. I must also draw all the scenes in different periud. But the technical side is ready.

  1. Player profile
    • Menu in the game
    • Edit your data
    • Save settings
  2. Times of Day
    • The internal time of the game
    • Added morning, day, evening and night
    • Added day, month, year
  3. Resource mining
    • Configured work the mines and farms under the internal time of the game
    • Configured mining resources on the level of the object
    • Added notification
  4. Fixed bug with music and system errors

Version 1.0

In accordance with my plans, I started working on the apartment player and adding slave. In the future, I will add the ability to equip his apartment and more opportunities to interact with a slave.

  1. Added music in the game
  2. Sounds
    • Control music and sounds
  3. Apartment Player
  4. Homeborn slave
    • Change the look
    • One sex position
  5. Password recovery by email
  6. Improved game downloads
    • Disabling memory cache
    • Division into parts
    • Separate loading objects
  7. Debugging of resource extraction

Version 0.8

In this version, I paid attention to the elimination of errors made at the start of the game. Was is added training at the start of the game. Thanks to this player is studied the basic principles. In this version:

  1. Added the ability to of resource extraction
  2. Training at the beginning of the game
  3. Fixed many bugs

Version 0.5

With a limited amount of time I had to start to release a demo version of the game. Because of this, I got feedback from the players and saw a lot of mistakes in the structure of the game. This version includes:

  1. Create a basic structure of the game
  2. Implemented the possibility to of construction of objects
  3. Creation the starting group of colonists
  4. Colonists
    • Distribution of the colonists to work
    • Crossbreeding colonists